77 Lubricants

77   Lubricants   is   one   of   the   largest   independent   lubricating   oil   brands   in   Europe.   77   Lubricants   produces and   markets   a   comprehensive   selection   of   high   quality   lubricants   and   specialties   which   find   their   way   in a   wide   range   of   applications.   The   products   are   developed   and   produced   by   specialists   who   can   choose from   a   wide   variety   of   base   oils   and   additives,   to   obtain   lubricants   meeting   the   latest   standards   of   the Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM’s) and International Standardization Committies.
77   Lubricants   are   all   produced   in   one   of   the   largest   and   most   sophisticated   lubricant   blending   plants   in the   Netherlands.   This   blending   plant   with   it’s   annual   production   capacity   of   130.000   Metric   Tons   of finished   lubricants   has   a   base   oil   storage   capacity   17   million   litres,   more   than   60   tanks   for   the   storage   of finished products and several warehouses for storing packaged products. The   ISO   2001   certified   blending   plant   has   a   fully   equipped   laboratory   at   it’s   disposal   which   guarantees 100   percent   product   compliance,   and   is   further-more   capable   of   offering   an   “oils   in   service”   analyses program.
77    Lubricants   prides   itself   as   an   International   Brand   offering   a   sophisticated   product   line   of   the   highest   quality   available   in   Europe. The   best   possible   service   of   77’s   sales- and technical staff facilitates the marketing of the products. All products are sold by local distributors offering the best possible service to end users, being here in fully backed up by the Dutch production facility. Commitment, personal and individual support of our partners and customers is our second nature. We act quickly and reliable and look forward to answer your questions.