For our clients we are the attractive and strong partner for lubricants. We offer services

and solutions, which rapidly turn into sustained customer value.

Mission Statement

We appear to all partners as a superior company concerning economic performance. We only accept the best as

benchmark. Our success is based on our good relations to our partners. We think and act entrepreneurial, initiative

and on our own responsibility.


A vital key to our success is the accurate observation of our client's requirements. Each client is a special individual,

whos trust and respect we have to obtain through honesty and hard work.


With our services we obtain our client's trust and we are able to generate additional marketing potential.

We work with pleasure

Each new task is addressed by us with enthusiasm. We deal with everybody in a polite and respectfull way


Honesty is the fundament of our daily work. For both internal and external communication we define honesty and openess

as our main goal.

Our business objectives

We maintain good relations to our regular clients and concentrate on the aquiration of new markets and clients. We see our

vendors as strategic partners and therefore we create relations based on mutual trust and respect. We work cost efficient,

because our efficiency generates benefits for our clients and our company.

What do we offer?

A diverse program of standard products and specific solutions, with high quality of product and service, offered at fair prices.

Short times of delivery with respect to agreed dates of delivery. Products on the highest level. A fair long-term co-operation

with our clients, suppliers and employees.